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Anonym leute kennenlernen app. Auf dieser Dating-App bleibst du anonym

The rules of the app are also put in place to stop that and I think the majority of the time it works!

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They do all they can to protect you. If you are feeling like you just need to chat to someone you do not know and be who you are without worrying about being judged then this is a great app.

Preis: Kostenlos 2. Vielversprechender ist dann schon, spezielle Foren für bestimmte Themen, beispielsweise Anime, Schach oder DIY-Kultur aufzusuchen und darauf zu hoffen, dort kluge und interessante Menschen aufzutun, die sich für dieselben Dinge interessieren.

Entwickler-AntwortDear Client, thank you for your kind review! Have fun and don't hesitate to contact mod antiland. Bloonsup I am a female btw However, I asked one anonym leute kennenlernen app.

Hinter jedem Swipe beim Online-Dating können Kollegen lauern. Oder man sieht zufällig, dass sich der kleine Bruder als cooler Player der Frauenwelt verkauft. Solche Bilder würde man lieber aus dem Kopf streichen. Und zusätzlich bleibt die bange Frage: Wird ihm nun auch mein sexy Bikinifoto angezeigt?!

I asked her why she was doing it. I said that I was asking her the question and not them and I was only interested in her answer and not theirs. A few seconds later the app blocked me for all rooms.

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This app supports bullying, men ganging up on girls. Obviously just auto blocks you instead of actually reading what you say. I said nothing wrong.

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I was silenced for being female, while all the nasty men still are allowed to use the app. This is a terrible app that would encourage this. I am going to work with all my might to get this app removed from the App Store.

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Please ban this. It is encouraging males to gang up on females and silence us if we have an opinion that they disagree with. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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Terrible app with terrible people on it. Entwickler-AntwortDear Client, we are sorry to hear this. We will do our best to help you!

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