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Dating wetteren, Dateiverwendung

Baldus, Uranius Antoninus.

Münzprägung und Geschichte Bonn, Bastien, Le monnayage de bronze dating wetteren Postume Wetteren, Besly and R. Bland, with contributions by I. Carradice and C.

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Gingell, The Cunetio Treasure. Bland and A. An extremely important work, as much for the access to bibliography as for dating wetteren thesis.

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Eddy, The Minting of Antoniniani A. Not, technically, on Roman coins as traditionally defined, but a solid discussion of provincial issues, especially for Asia Minor. One of the most important imperial hoards ever discovered.

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A huge western hoard, the basis for the modern arrangement of the coinage of Aurelian and Tacitus dating wetteren no doubt will be for the early tetrarchy as well. Volume I. Gordiano III-Quintillo, ed.

dating wetteren

Giard Rome, Aureliano, ed. Tacito, ed.

dating wetteren

Estiot Verona, Alföldi, Die Kontorniaten. Ein verkanntes Propagandamittel der stadtrömischen heidnischen Aristokratie in ihrem Kampf gegen das christliche Kaisertum Budapest, Alföldi, Die constantinische Goldprägung Mainz, Amandry and G.

dating wetteren

Wetteren, Carson and J. KlasseVienna, Hendy, The Byzantine Monetary Economy c.

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