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Skylight introduces a next generation workspace and ushers in a new level of simplicity by providing an intelligent interface that moves beyond contemporary, single-window design and layout clutter.

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Browser — All your content unified The completely redesigned Browser organizes all of your content into one, easily managed place. Drag and drop just about anything you can think of from the Browser directly to your workspace.

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The new Inspector shows a wealth of data in a small footprint and allows for ergonomic track mixing. Most functions are now performed with a single implement that switches automatically based on context.

Mai angekündigt Katalognr. Ventana Protease 3 [Katalognr. Nach der Konfiguration behält der Seiko Drucker diese Einstellungen bei, auch wenn er ausgeschaltet wird. When properly configured, the Seiko printer will retain the settings even when turned off. Ein optionaler Halter Katalognr.

This dramatically speeds up editing and arranging by eliminating the need to constantly switch tools. Control Bar luka partnervermittlung Total control freak Access crucial functions quickly and single essential collection kit with the new modular Control Bar.

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Modules logically group related functions and can be arranged to suit your desire. The Console View, Step Sequencer, Piano Roll - even instruments and effects can all be contained within one consolidated area.

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For ultimate flexibility, the MultiDock itself can be quickly collapsed or expanded and can even be placed on an entirely separate monitor. Screensets — Just the way you remembered it Per-project Screensets remember every window position, size and state and are accessed directly single essential collection kit the Control Bar or via your qwerty keyboard. Default Screensets are ready-to-go for just about any production scenario imaginable or create your own Screensets for tracking, mixing, jamming or experimenting.

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Recall everything - exactly the way you left it.