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By the time of his birth the entire region had been incorporated into the post-war Soviet occupation zone which in October single party sachsen become the German Democratic Republicsponsored by the Soviet Union and in most respects operating single party sachsen Soviet style political and administrative institutions.

Between and he studied at the Dresden University of Technology. He then undertook further research, partnervermittlung anfechtung his doctorate in Metz moved south and worked till as a researcher with the Elbe Waterways and Shipping Office in Dresden.

The period saw the country's first and, as a stand-alone state, last national free electionand it also saw a sustained attack on perceived abuses by individuals working for the state during the preceding decades.

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He became deputy Chairman of the regional party in Saxony. The old "single-list" electoral system that had been "normal" till had been abandoned: each of the major parties now submitted its own candidate list to the electorate.

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Single party sachsen the electoral district in which he stoodthe name of Horst Metz was high enough up on the party list to ensure him a seat in the single party sachsen legislature.

In April there occurred a leadership coup within the majority single party sachsen in the Saxony Regional government, as a result of which Georg Milbradt took over both as regional party leader and regional Minister-President from the aging and, some said, increasingly autocratic Kurt Biedenkopf.

Milbradt had previously served in the Biedenkopf cabinet as regional finance ministerand that was the position which he now passed to Horst Metz.

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In the regional election the CDU lost their overall majority for the first time since reunification and Milbradt found himself obliged to govern in coalition with a moderate left-wing party. Horst Metz nevertheless retained his Finance portfolio.

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It was broadly based on equivalent existing institutions in what had before been known as West Germany. As the regional Finance Minister of Saxony fromHorst Metz also sat as chairman of the bank's supervisory board.

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The Saxony Regional Bank was taken over early during by the Baden-Württemberg Regional State Bank Landesbank Baden-Württemberg as part of a large and complex deal which also involved the taxpayers of Saxony, represented by their regional government, providing a guarantee worth 2. After 19 years single party sachsen the Landtag, as criticisms continued to surface in the aftermath of the bank collapse, [7] he did not contest his seat again in the state election.

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