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Whether you are either searching for the basis for a score cue or for a sophisticated add-on percussions loop or you are just trying to look up organic loops, atmospheric soundscapes or tonal movements or you just wanted to get inspired for a new piece of music, Fabrique provides almost every possibilities according to all these needs. But even if you are not feeling like creating your own pattern, there are available over one presets, ready to be played. Fabrique includes three different kind of modules which varies in genre and amount of sounds: Firstly there is the PRIME, which covers the wide range of cinematic music and song production, secondly there is the URBAN which meets the needs of dub and pop music and finally the maverick one called EERIE which provides pattern and sounds for horror and dramatic purposes. Although Fabrique is a very complex and versatile tool, it is anyhow very simple and intuitive to use. All control and operating elements are easily accessible, so that you can quickly and easily create or edit your pattern according to your own requirements.

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While TVUPack has been widely deployed by television broadcasters around the globe, TVU mobile cellular solutions are increasingly being deployed wherever live IP based video transmission is desired. Hornchurch and Upminster parliamentary constituency is much bigger than just. We love helping people in Hornchurch find love.

Experimental investigation of near- and transcritical injections The objective is to better characterize near- and supercritical injections. Therefore, jet breakup mechanisms are investigated within the shock tube or the high pressure chamber at ITLR by the means of laser-based optical measurement techniques. For a more precise determination of droplet size distributions within the spray measurement methods such as polarized elastic light scattering, shadowgraphy or white light extinction, are applied.