Universität mannheim semester dates

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If you still have any problems or questions, send us an email to fachschaftvwl gmail. Academic Calendar The University of Mannheim adapted its semester dates to the ones of important universität mannheim semester dates countries, to make exchange easier. The current academic calendar is here.

universität mannheim semester dates

Accomondation The International Office provides a limited number of dorm rooms for exchange students from overseas and offers support in finding private rooms. The International Office only intermediates the housing process. It is necessary to apply early because there are not enough rooms at the beginning of the semester.

Application If you have decided to study at the University of Mannheim, your home university can recommend you from May 15 until July To find further information how to apply, click here.

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  • Municipal Commercial College Mannheim [ edit ] Otto Beckone of the Founding Fathers of the Handelshochschule Mannheim Inthe Städtische Handelshochschule Mannheim Municipal Commercial College was founded on the initiative of Mannheim's senior mayor Otto Beck — and the economics professor Eberhard Gothein — as a college for future merchants.
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  • In order to further promote and refine this development, practitioners need to understand how microeconomics can help to shed light on particular aspects of competition problems.
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  • Whether you intend to become one of the next generation of researchers and lecturers or pursue a successful career in the economy and society — your studies at the University of Mannheim will help you lay a solid foundation for either.

If you have successfully applied, you will get your student ID and more. For more information after your application, see here.

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You can validate it and charge your account at the SB-Terminals. You can enjoy coffee, cold bevera Express Service The Express-Service in L1 is your first point of general inquiries as well as for questions regarding the Internation Office. Here you can schedule appointments, hand in and pick up documents and receive general information.

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For opening hours check here. It is also the place that handles your whole enrollment.

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International The University of Mannheim has about exchange programs and cooperations with almost partner universities worldwide. Furthermore many international courses of study and double degrees are offered.

universität mannheim semester dates

Semester times are adapted to conform with the international rhythm — lectures are from September to December and from Universität mannheim semester dates to June. Janitor The janitor is responsible if you lost or broke something. Lost things are placed in the display cabinet in the east wing as well. L7 The faculty building of economics is universität mannheim semester dates L7, In this building is amongst other things the PC Pool first floor, room where you are able to print very cheaply starting at 2 cents per page.

Library The Library of the economics department, the Hasso Plattner Bibliothek, is located universität mannheim semester dates the second floor of the central part of the Ehrenhof.

universität mannheim semester dates